Which 60 inch TV to choose?

How to Find the Perfect Big TV

How to Find the Perfect Big TV

If you’re in the market for the best 60 inch TV which will give you the ability to enjoy the ultimate in home entertainment, such as the hottest films, the most happening television shows and the best music videos, you may be wondering which model has the most impressive features (as well as the most affordable price tag!).

Since so many styles are available, via a host of brand names, choosing what’s best for you may appear to be a tough task indeed. In order to make this task easier for you, we’ve compiled information about five of the most popular and highly-rated smart TV. Once you’ve read our very detailed guideline, you’ll find that the selection process becomes very simple and very straightforward.


Each TV on our list has a range of features, some of which may be rather special. However, every television that we talk about here is a high-definition model which measure sixty inches. By perusing our guide, you’ll be able to check out product details and specifications, without needing to visit a ton of different websites. We’ve put all of this important information in one convenient place, so as to save you time and energy as you check out smart TV online.

Our guide is designed to streamline the entire comparison-shopping process, by putting the product information that you’re looking for right at your fingertips. Utilize our guide as a handy reference as you begin to check out our listed products via Walmart.com or another online retailer.

It’s safe to say that every TV on our list is a smart pick. Basically, when you choose one of these sets, you’ll find it very hard to make a mistake! This is why our article is so practical – we have done plenty of research and checked lots of online reviews in order to isolate a grouping of five televisions which are known to offer incredible picture quality, high-tech features and intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Walmart.com Offers Great Prices

Bear in mind that Walmart.com is a great place to shop, as this large and trusted supplier offers excellent customer service, authentic products and agreeable shipping terms and rates. So, you may want to consider using this retail website, rather than choosing a fly-by-night supplier which just doesn’t have Walmart’s impressive business reputation and wide selection of 60 inches Televisions.

Now, let’s review some ideal choices, all of which are known for their quality construction and their competitive pricing. One of these impressive, big-screen televisions is sure to fit your requirements and budget to absolute perfection. You may learn more about each set by viewing it at Walmart.com.

Samsung UN60KU6300

Samsung UN60KU6300 60-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – The Best 60″ TV on the market right now!

The Samsung UN60 Smart LED TV features a minimalistic design synonymous with Samsung televisions. The large, wide ‘V’, incredibly thin, the design seems nearly impossible with such a large flat surface requiring so little width to operate.

The UHD Upscaling Picture Engine exists to render older TV’s and movies with increased stunning clarity. This allows you to enjoy your favorite low quality or old time movies in surprising detail, giving you the option to watch as the original or watch it enhanced. The HDR Premium displays streaming content, home videos, games, and more with a level of detail that is remarkable.

This is a fantastic choice for when you want a television that will last in terms of quality without losing its versatility in the years to come. The Samsung UN60 Smart LED TV hadoverwhelming positive reviews.  Check our review or go to Walmart and check what people are saying…

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>> See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews oat Walmart.com
Walmart.comSamsung UN60KU6300 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


LG Electronics 60LF6100

LG Electronics 60LF6100 Smart 1080p LED TV

If superlative picture quality is at the top of your list of requirements, you’ll find that the LG Electronics 60LF6100 1080p 120Hz LED TV really delivers! When you choose this model, which retails for an affordable under $1000, you’ll access 1080 pixels of resolution, which is twice the amount of pixels that most high-definition TVs provide! However, exceptional picture clarity definitely isn’t all that this television set has to offer…

Another appealing feature of this unit is an LED-backlit design, which ensures true, vivid colors for a totally fulfilling viewing experience! In addition, this television is equipped with a USB 2.0 port, so it will be simple to play all of your digital files in no time flat. Just plug in your Flash drive in order to take advantage of this practical and modern feature!

Lastly, this exceptional LED TV features special engineering which guarantees blur-free viewing of even the fastest-moving video action! This high-tech feature will make it possible to enjoy incredible visuals while you watch sports matches, auto races and high-octane films, or any media with fast-moving visuals.

LG has a great reputation. This brand produces a host of electronics and appliances, all of which are a hit with real-life consumers. In addition, this brand is known for its affordability. To find out more about LG, visit walmart product page today.

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>> See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews at Walmart.com
Walmart.comLG Electronics 60LF6100 1080p 120Hz LED TV

Samsung UN60J6300

Samsung UN60J6300 1080p Smart LED TV

This Samsung-brand design is a “smart” TV which is loaded with sensible features. When you select this cutting-edge, 60-inch model, you’ll access a “smart hub” which keeps all of your content in one convenient place. This hub is designed to make finding content a lightning-fast and simple task… and the hub interface is extraordinarily intuitive.

In addition, each model features an extremely quick processor, in order to decrease lags, speed up load times and make navigating the system a total breeze!

Other features found in this exceptional model include total high-definition resolution, with double the pixels of most HD TVs, and motion clarity, which makes fast-moving video blur-free. In addition, this unit features LED backlighting and a wide-color enhancement feature. All of these elements will provide access to crisp, true colors in any viewing environment.

Samsung is a respected brand name which is known for its high-tech products and its dedication to innovation. If you’re looking for an ultra-modern TV which has all of the latest features, you’ll find that Samsung offers what you want, along with solid, high-quality construction.

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Walmart.comSamsung UN60J6300 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

VIZIO M60-C3 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

VIZIO M60-C3 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

If you want quality for a reasonable price, you’ll find that the VIZIO M60-C3 is a smart selection. It’s one of the more affordable LED 60 TVs with Ultra HD! on our list. Equipped with Wi-Fi, this model will give you the power to enjoy all of the most exciting films, TV shows and videos, from a host of popular software applications which are found online, including Netflix and YouTube. In addition, this unit is a high-tech design which comes with Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV!

Featuring 1080 pixels for the ultimate in high definition resolution, this model will provide the picture clarity that you are looking for. No matter what type of video you’re watching, from fast-paced sports to films to music videos, you’ll be able to enjoy exceptional picture quality, without blurring.

VIZIO has a great reputation in its niche. This reputable manufacturer is known for producing quality designs which are built to stand the test of time. To discover more about this trusted brand, visit the VIZIO page today.

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>> See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews at Walmart.com
Walmart.comVIZIO M60-C3 4K Ultra HD Smart LED HDTV

LG Electronics 60PB6650 1080p 600Hz PLASMA TV

LG Electronics 60PB6650/60UF7300 1080p 600Hz PLASMA TV

This LG design is a high-end, best Plasma Television that has all of the bells and whistles. Crafted with impressive Smart Plasma technology, this model features a great contrast which offers the ultimate in brightness, as well as rich black levels and ultra-clear colors.

In addition, this unit comes with a super cinematic feature which will make watching any form of video a truly cinematic experience. Designed to enhance motion quality, this feature allows for superior picture quality in superb high definition.

When you choose this highly-rated model, you’ll also be able to access a convenient and user-friendly Smart TV, which allows you to enjoy total organization of your media files and services like Netflix or YouTube.

This TV is so high-tech that it actually allows users to customize your home dashboard, it’s definitely a great investment for those who want to enjoy superlative ease as they enjoy video right from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Download media from your electronic toys in order to enjoy photos and more on your new LG TV.

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>> See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews at Walmart.com
Walmart.comLG Electronics 60PB6650 1080p 600Hz PLASMA TV

Sony KDL65W850C 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Sony KDL65W850C 65-inch 1080p Smart LED TV

This model is actualy 65 inch not 60 like the rest but it is so great you have to see it and it features the sort of high quality that Sony is known to provide. Designed to offer amazingly natural picture quality, you’ll find that watching this 60 inch TV is an absolute pleasure. This high-definition model is designed to offer perfect color clarity, as well as exceptional detail, so it’s definitely a great choice for discerning consumers.

Equipped with an X-Reality Pro picture enhancer, this model allows for superlative picture quality. Every single image will be checked out and optimized before appearing on your screen.

Perfect for video game enthusiasts, this system is PS3-ready, which means that you can enjoy gaming on this popular Sony system with total ease. The TV supports the effortless streaming of Playstation 3 games, via its Bravia TV interface.

For many consumers, Sony represents the gold standard in terms of electronics. In other words, those who want the very best turn to Sony in order to get the long-lasting quality and high-tech features that they want. If you want excellent quality, you’ll find that investing in a Sony design is a very smart decision. While other brands do offer quality, Sony is probably the most famous example of a stellar electronics manufacturer. It’s rare to encounter problems with Sony electronics, and this is why the company is so trusted today.

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>> See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews at Walmart.com
Walmart.comSony KDL65W850C 65-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Which 60 inch TV is Right for You?

Now that we’ve talked about five of the best 60 inches models, all of which may be ordered easily via Walmart.com, you may have a better idea of which one is really right for you.

You may have noticed that many of these TVs have similar features. There are some exceptions, such as the Sony design which comes with PS3 compatibility. If you’re still on the fence with regard to which television set to choose, consider your price point. Since certain models cost less, you may wish to go for a more affordable design, particularly if you’re on a budget. Mid-range designs will offer some of the bells and whistles, but not all of them. Choosing a mid-range design may be a great strategy if you want to enjoy certain high-end features, without spending a fortune on the most luxurious big television.

If you’d rather pay more in order to access every feature, splurging on a high-end design which is a great long-term investment may save you money in the long run, as you won’t need to upgrade later on in order to get the best features.

Check Out Customer Reviews at Walmart.com

One smart way to move closer to a final decision about which set is best for you is to check customer reviews. Luckily, Walmart.com offers a range of customer reviews for every set that we’ve talked about here. By seeing what real-life customers have to say about certain designs, you’ll gain valuable insight. After all, some reviews which are found at Walmart.com are quite detailed and they offer tons of useful information about which televisions deliver great performance, user-friendliness and good value for the price.

As well, you’ll be able to explore the drawbacks of certain models, which will help you to weigh the pros and cons of different styles. Smart, savvy consumers utilize reviews in order to make the most of their next purchases, and you should do it, too. Another strategy is to check out consumer buyer’s guides, which are also found via the World Wide Web.

This phase of research shouldn’t take very long and it will make you feel more secure as you prepare to buy. Since these televisions do represent a significant investment on the part of most buyers, it is smart to take your time and check reviews and authority online resources before you buy. Once you’ve taken these steps, you may shop with confidence.

That being said, we’ve taken care of the hard work for you, by listing the product details of five of the best smart Televisions around. In other words, when you order one of the 60 inches televisions on our list, you will be choosing a rock-solid product which is world-renowned for its quality and features. Our list is designed to help you avoid pitfalls. By giving you access to product descriptions for truly stellar TVs, we’ll make it possible for you to access the quality that you really deserve.

Now that you know more about 60″ TVs, why not choose the design that you like best? Then, you’ll be able to enjoy terrific picture quality any time that you like.



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