Featured Bluetooth Headset for $35

Awei is a Chinese company that has flooded the market with many “dangling” models – the ES800m is one of the most popular. This aluminum intrusive earphones, equipped with dynamic transducers. Feel free to surf to my weblog … http://stereodevelopment.com/best-bluetooth-headsets-2017/ to obtain even more relevant information regarding best bluetooth headset. They sound clean and accessible, have good bass and good sound. They are set for entertainment, work well with new sounds, popular music. It’s also good ergonomics. In addition, we will find a leather-like cover. Brand may not be convincing, but the quality of the ES800m, given the price, makes an impression. Headphones have lower (than standard) performance, but low impedance guarantees good cooperation with smartphones.

Philips SHE3590

SHE3590 is also cheap equipment, but this time from the leading brand. Headphones look like small domes, interestingly profiled, but made of plastic. The cable itself is not as strong as in Chinese competition, although the sound they provide may be more appealing. The Philips product offers an underlined bass and soprano sound that sounds fresh, impressive and direct. This is a proposal for entertainment genres of music. Headphones are more effective than Awea so they will be louder.

Krüger & Matz KM0108EB

The brand recently tried to be more associated with smartphones and tablets, but the market has emerged as a producer of audio equipment. The KM0108EB is a wooden headset – each piece has a unique jar design on the chassis, and versions of all types of wood are available. They also have a reinforced cable in the material braid. The headphones have a neat shape and are comfortable, and their bass, dark sound makes the sound strong and dense. Certainly not going to appeal to fans for clarity and clarity, but they offer a good level of equipment for <0.

Brainwavz has an extensive range of earbuds and its products have an exceptionally good price / quality ratio. Deltato one of the latest models of Brainwavz top-of-the-line earphones. Headphones have a balanced sound, smooth and smooth, and provide a clear and extremely clear sound. It’s also an aluminum case, good performance and very good equipment (and is a distinguishing feature of Brainwavz). Delves are available in silver-red or black-pink. It is also worth looking at the Alpha and Beta models.


SoundMAGIC PL11 is the most popular model from this manufacturer. Headphones offer very good performance and insulation from the environment – they will work in noisy conditions. Also bind with good ergonomics. The sound is to the taste of bass fans, the bass is a lot, the sound is easy to hear and tinted – it does not “pitch” high. PL11 will provide dynamic and entertaining listening experience.


A-Jays is a proposal from the Swedish manufacturer. Headphones have a warm, solid and bass sound. They are not as crystalline as the cheaper models mentioned above, but they will appeal to fans of darker, slightly darker climates. The user’s sympathy for good performance, good ergonomics and a flat cable that prevents it from intruding. Headphones are tempting design and good equipment.

Headphones for $35


Very popular headphones, guaranteeing the sound that we would say would go far beyond our modest expectations, given their price cap. RETRO DJ is a so-called “rebrand” – there are a whole lot of offers on the market with the same headphones, but with different logos and prices. Some, such as Brainwavz HM3 or Fischer Audio FA-004, are much more expensive. The Maxell RETRO DJ is a closed-head design earphone that suppresses the environment and has a decent ergonomics. Their sound is quite natural, they have a slightly underlined bass, but their character can be considered universal – it will work with many genres of music.

Koss KSC75

The KSC75 is an unusual handset. Their design is “Clip On”, they do not have a headband, and silicone hooks, which are attached to the turbinate. They look impressive and are very “neat”. They require a certain habit, since they can initially be uncomfortable. It’s also an open construction, so it will not work in a noisy environment. Kossy is impressed by the sound – they are clear, legible and spatial. Impedance is higher than usual in this type of headset, but they are effective, so they will sound good when they are connected to any audio device.

AKG K404

The K404 is a self-adjusting headband and a small and folding dome, easily fit into a carrying case. They were fitted with a ceria ear muff with a hole in the middle. They sound with lowered bass and lower midrange, so the sound is warm and tinted (low tones dominate the highs). The sound quality is good, the earphones are musical and pleasant to receive – they also have high efficiency so they will not run out of power. Unfortunately, they do not belong to the most comfortable, the headband can be a bit oppressive, earmuffs irritate ears (but at this price and so is good).

A small budget does not give you much freedom in choosing a mobile headset. These models are smaller or larger compromises, sometimes sound or ergonomic. They offer a satisfactory level but usually it is worth to buy a certain amount. The $50 category already provides a lot more possibilities – I will provide them in the next guide.